Games is our passion!

RBSgames is an independent developer of video games that powered by our proprietary cross-platform OrbEngine technology. We create and develop our own games.
Making games is more than a job for us - it's a passion! And we are looking for people who wants to join us to share that passion and make interesting and entertaining games. Contact us if you are the one from us.

RBSgames has many different projects for develop. Some of our games for the time being under the veil of secrecy but as soon as we can open this veil you can be one of the first to know.

Our technology

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The OrbEngine is the proprietary engine of RBSgames. OrbEngine supports Apple iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows PC.
OrbEngine is a modern 3D engine, has a flexible and easily expandable modular architecture.

Includes cross-platform COM model, stereoscopic 3D, multithreading, post-processing, different types of light sources, system of special effects, shaders support, sound system, physics system, material system, control system and codecs system. 
All that allows to achieve impressive results. 

The engine has a modular structure, all functions are divided into several libraries, that allows make changes in the libraries quickly.
OrbEngine game code works automatically on all supported platforms. Middleware dependency reduced to the minimum with additional needs evaluated on basis of each project.